A little about Me

I am Dr. Joya, a wife, a mother, a veterinarian, a lover of fun, sunshine, fashion and sometimes running. There are many things I love, but I have always loved animals. From the age of 7 after adopting our first cat Chessie, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to care for the creatures that could not care for themselves. I would take in neighborhood strays, raise tadpoles and watch my cats deliver their kittens within our home. Becoming a veterinarian seemed a natural fit for me, however, it was never just about the animals.  I wanted to help people like me who deeply cared for their pets get the best care they could.

Veterinary Dermatology

Veterinary dermatology has been one of my greatest joys. I chose to pursue it very early on in veterinary school after seeing how the talented doctors at Cornell took my beloved family dog Gizmo and changed her life. She was hairless, stinky with ulcerations on her face. She lived in an e-collar because of how severe her skin was. Within weeks, they were able to clear up her infections and get her itching under control. Her skin healed, her hair regrew, and she came out of an e-collar! I saw firsthand the difference quality specialized care could make, how it saved her life, and I wanted to do that for others. Not only to make their pets look beautiful again, but to give them their quality of life back, restoring the human-animal bond.

The Joy

Daily I get to see my patients transformed from stinky, itchy, hairless pets to healthy, happy and often very hairy animals. It’s like Extreme Makeover: the veterinary edition. Restoring a pet’s quality of life gives pet parents their family members back. They are able to be snuggled, cuddled and embraced; it makes them whole again. I’m excited to share the wonderful impact dermatologic care can have on the pets I treat and their dedicated parents.


Animal Dermatology Clinic

Established in 2011, Animal Dermatology Clinic – Louisville is proud to provide exceptional veterinary dermatological care for our community’s pets. From the early days to your pet’s golden years and everywhere in between, our veterinary dermatology specialists are dedicated to helping maintain your pet’s healthy skin and ears for a lifetime. Our expanding practice provides the latest advancements in veterinary dermatology by offering cutting-edge diagnostics to differentiate a variety of skin diseases, allergies and chronic ear infections. Our treatment plans are tailored to maintain control and improve the quality of life for our patients.

Whether your pet suffers from chronic itching, persistent skin infections or ear disease, we can help. We are proud to serve the surrounding areas of Louisville, Lexington and Evansville, IN and appreciate that you’ve trusted us as your pet’s dermatology specialist.


Services We Offer

Chronic Skin Disorders

Hundreds of different diseases have been identified that may affect the skin and ears including allergy, severe infections, hormonal diseases, skin cancer and many more. And since many of these problems look alike and can occur simultaneously, they may be challenging to diagnose and treat.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is the process of identifying specific allergens that may be causing reactions in an individual animal. This is currently the only reliable method for identifying which environmental allergens are responsible for symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis.

Ear Disease & Video Otoscopy

Ear disease often recurs and persists in dogs due to incomplete or ineffective treatments or failure to diagnose the underlying cause. To improve treatment of pets with chronic ear disease, dermatologists often utilize video otoscopy.



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